Motivational Speaking on Leadership
 By Scott C. Neilson, MBA, MSOD


Why do we have such trouble defining leadership?

If you go to the bookstore and look in the leadership section, you will find 30 or 40 books listing THE ESSENTIAL SKILLS you must have to be a good leader. Well, if any ONE of those books is actually right, then, by definition, ALL THE OTHERS ARE WRONG!!!

The truth of the matter is that leadership is not a set of skills AT ALL.

“My programs are designed to help leaders at all levels recognize that leadership is a fluid state. Leadership is a process and you must learn to think like a leader, identify the leadership challenge inherent in every situation, and determine the appropriate course of action.” Scott C. Neilson, MBA, MSOD

Leadership is a PROCESS…A WAY OF THINKING!!!

I have designed several programs to get this message across to leaders at all levels from seasoned executives to early and mid-level leaders. The programs are flexible and are designed to meet your specific needs.

  • The Motivational – A senior level motivational program or keynote address designed to engage leaders in inspiring and leading their teams.
  • The Directional – An interactive format designed for a senior or mid-level leadership team to develop a common understanding and commitment to the direction in which they are taking the organization, and the actions required to get.
  • The Developmental – A workshop designed to provide an in-depth indoctrination to key leadership skills for leaders in the early to mid stages of development.