“Being a leader is not about forever, it is about moments…it is about THIS moment and what you do with it!”  Scott Neilson

One problem people encounter in leading is believing that every decision they make is forever.  It isn’t…particularly in business!

A decision is made at a point in time with the information you have available to you at that moment…and we all try to make sure that we have the required information to make the best decisions possible.  However, you should recognize that the moment you make a decision, new information becomes available that may make that decision obsolete.

The decision making process is a moving target.  Trying to envision all possible future scenarios and make one decision that never requires modification rarely, if ever, happens!  If you are waiting for that you may never make a decision.

Get comfortable making the decision that is right for the moment considering your best prognostication for the future.  Make it clear to those around you that this is the course you are on given what you know now.  Know that new information WILL become available and when it does, you will make the required course corrections.