I got an interesting piece from one of my readers over the weekend.  Check it out below.

I think that we, in the business world, are starting to experience the effect of parents having given their kids everything they wanted as soon as they wanted it. 


Did you ever wonder why leaders of today stamp their feet and scream and yell and beat on people to get results?  It is because it worked for them as a child!  Simple…they are acting out!

Did you ever wonder why so many businesses today rise and fall so quickly?   It is because there is no real substance behind them.  Why?  Because their leadership stamped their feet and beat people to get immediate results but did not build the basic infrastructure to make it sustainable.

Did you ever wonder why economies have become so fragile?  It is because the businesses that make up those economies are built on fragile foundations…foundations that are built on businesses which are led by people stamping their feet to deliver quick, but generally not sustainable, results.

The research shows that the roots of this phenomenon are in child rearing.  Parents were so interested in helping their kids “win” or “get what they want” in this world, that they may not have been as conscious of helping them learn to do, and be satisfied with taking the time to do, the things that enable them to build a strong foundation for success.  As a result, many leaders of today know only of instant gratification.  They want it now!  They do not know how to systematically create something sustainable.  The only thing they know is how loud they have to scream…and for how long…to get what they want.  They are acting out as they did as children.  Only now they have power.

What is really appalling to watch is how they support each other in their temper tantrums.  The people who demonstrate that innate ability to beat and subjugate others are the ones who get rewarded.  And the beat goes on!

My personal thoughts.

The lessons here are several…

  • You can learn a lot about good leadership by watching bad leaders.
    • Sometimes we have to sacrifice the short term win for the long term sustained success.
      • Some leadership lessons and behaviors are learned very early…think about that!

(Would love to know how they did the research!)

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