I had a very interesting question/concern posed by a programme participant which I was unable to answer.  I offered to post it on the blog to see if any of you had some thoughts you could share.  If so, click on comments below and reply right on the blog so she can read them.  (Your comments are anonymous)  Thanks.

The question was…

One of my most concerning weaknesses is the inability to take responsibility for my failures and, subsequently, the missed opportunity to learn from them. 

I admire people that are able to admit their mistakes, and I consider it to be respectful especially when it has been effecting others.  But what I admire most is their ability to bring out the positive side and to be able to change in order to get better. 

I find myself unable to achieve this and, even if I sometimes admit my misteakes to others, I never admit them to myself.  What can I do?