“Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try!” Yoda

I love this quote…always have…always use it when people tell me they will “try” to do something.

I often wonder if people realize the strength and conviction they sap from themselves when they say that they will “try”…as opposed to saying that they will “do”. They are not envisioning success. They are not dedicating themselves to accomplishing a goal.

  • “ Try” has no commitment.
    • “Try” tacitly accepts failure as an outcome.
      • “Try” only means that you will make some effort, but it does not state any determination to succeed.

As a leader you cannot accept that! You must first recognize it as a lack of commitment and call the person on it. My guess is that they are not even aware of the mediocrity they are embracing. Step up their level of commitment…and performance.

  • Point it out! Explain the difference between trying and doing!
    • Have them restate their planned actions in “DO” terms.
      • Show them how to envision success and make it happen!

Another one is “hope”. How many times have you heard people say “We are doing this and that and I HOPE to get the product out by X date”. That drives me crazy! How can people base their performance, company results, and customer satisfaction on Hope? It is a subtlety that we often miss because we are so accustomed to saying it, but it makes failure an acceptable outcome.

Again, as a leader you MUST point this out. Explain that hope is not going to ensure success, and identify actions that will.