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Still additional question though – do you think that giving feedback on someone’s strengths & weaknesses is the right way to address this issue? What I mean is – if I know that that person can hardly improve it (it is not an action, but rather factual, characterstics which can be changed only with great difficulty OR values of that person etc) I will not include this into the feedback. What are your thoughts on this?



Hello Tomas…great question again!

Yes, I still think it is important to give that feedback.  First, you need to decide if you NEED that level of performance in the job.   If you do not, then you take that responsibility out of the job, change the job description and increase the clarity around what you DO expect in that role.  However, if you DO need that level of performance in the job and they cannot deliver it, then the feedback conversation becomes the first step in documenting the weakness and managing them out of that job.  Moving them out of a job they cannot do is better for both them and the company since it will just be a source of frustration for them, and failure for the business if you don’t.  You cannot afford to have a person in a role and not performing to your level of expectations or needs.