Haven’t had the time to tell you what is new on the blog…here it is!

Added a new category on Development.  This was at the request of some readers who find employee development to be a challenge.  I think many of us struggle with this subject.  I will try to write something on this subject once a month.

Added a page for Comments, Questions and Suggestions all of which can be done anonymously.

Added a page for Resources in which I will write about programs, experts, articles and books that may be useful for you.

Added a Marquee to provide some verbatim feedback from blog readers and seminar attendees.  It is located in the left column and scrolls through comments.  If you have anything you would like to add please feel free to send your comments on the Questions/Comments page.

Added a place to list Blog Stats right under the Marquee. 

Got a couple of other new pieces in development…will let you know when they are complete.