“Be mindful of the responsibility you have to those you serve, but be more mindful of the responsibility you have to those who serve you.”

In other words, it is critically important to take care of your employees, perhaps more so than it is for you to take care of your customers.  To a large degree, it is your employees that take care of your customers, not you.  If you treat your employees well, they will do the same FOR your customers.  If you treat them poorly, they will do the same TO your customers. Both are a reflection of how you have treated them and how they feel about YOU!  Think about that!

How you get things done is a reflection of YOUR character as a person and as a leader, and it creates an expectation of how people will expect you to act in the future. 

Similar to the last quote, I like this quote because it speaks to “how” you get things done as a leader, more so than “what” you get done.  In this case, though, it is speaking to the “how” as a reflection of Values rather than Process. 

As a result, it defines the behavior that people within your organization will come to emulate.  It defines the culture that you will create in your organization, and how the organization will grow to operate in the longer term.  It defines the character that the organization will come to have and for which it will become known, inside and out. 

It will define YOUR legacy.