A key to making good decisions is having options.  Simple!  As I am fond of saying, leadership is not rocket science.

Unfortunately, the world moves so fast that we often feel the need to decide and act quickly, and we do so to our own detriment.

I encourage you to slow the decision-making process… take the time to vet your own decisions more carefully…cultivate multiple options.


Take the time to sleep on your decisions…literally, sleep on it…especially the big ones.  Fight the need (internal or external) to come to closure immediately.  When making a decision, get in the habit of saying to your team that you will get back to them and confirm the decision.  Do not feel compelled to tell them why…just that you will get back to them with confirmation.

Learn to think through the steps necessary to implement your decision.  Envision that process (of implementation) and what results each step might have.  How will those results impact successive steps?  Is it getting you to the endpoint you desire?

Cultivate multiple options.  I have found that the best way to make a decision is to have options.  As soon as you find one suitable solution, go out and find another.  By doing so, you will become less emotionally wed to your first solution.  This enables you to be more objective in negotiations.

One is NOT enough…