I think we have a lot to learn from this issue with Lance Armstrong.

The guy is worth $125 million.  He has gotten all that money through a blatant disregard of the rules and cheating at his business.  That is fraud, plain and simple.

So he loses his titles.  So he is publicly disgraced.  So he loses his sponsors.  All of this negative attention will only last until some other major news story comes along and everyone will forget.  In the meantime, Lance still walks away with $125 million.  He is laughing all the way to the bank.  And if he gains any sympathy from his tearful appearance on Oprah, and the ultimate book of his “personal struggles”, he will be laughing even harder.

Are we stupid or what?

How is it that he is not stripped of his money, as well as his titles, and thrown in jail?  He got all that money through fraud!  Consider the harm he has done to the Livestrong Foundation, and individuals who contributed to it because they admired and respected the person they thought Lance Armstrong to be.  Consider the individuals who did not win the Tour de France and have the chance to advance their own promising careers because he was juicing.  Consider the personal profit he has gained through fraudulent practices.

Until we start holding people accountable for their actions, we are going to have people taking the chance to break the rules in the hopes of personal gain.   If there is no significant downside, why wouldn’t they?