Lately I have been getting a lot of requests to connect on LinkedIn.  That’s fine…I like LinkedIn and find it to be a great tool.  I also just genuinely enjoy staying connected with people.

The thing that I find disturbing about this is that many people only reach out when they are losing, or have just lost, their jobs.  You don’t hear from them for years until they need something.  Then you will not hear from them again after they have gotten what they want.  It is pretty obvious…and dissappointing.

Unfortunately, our world has become more and more about “ME” and what I want…what I need.  There is not enough about what value can I add…what can I bring to the situation or the relationship.

Networking is like any other relationship.  Your network takes time to develop.  You need to nurture it and enable it to grow.  It is like working out and developing your strength.  You cannot sit around and do nothing for years and then expect to jump up and run a marathon.

FYI…the same applies in your relationships with customers…employees…and any other stakeholder of your business.  New Year’s Resolution…Get back in shape!