“There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer.”  Jimmy Doolittle

I have been so impressed with the level of support New Yorkers are giving each other in this time of crisis.  People are coming out from all over to help with hurricane relief efforts…mostly volunteers.  They work tirelessly and for nothing…nothing except the gratification of feeling that they have contributed to the greater good.  Some are getting a pat on the back, some are getting recognized by the reporters writing stories about the efforts, but most are happy with the “Thank You’s” they are receiving from the people they are helping and knowing that they are doing some good.

Too often we overlook the “volunteers” in our organizations…the people who are willing to do something extra just for the satisfaction of contributing…just for the opportunity to learn.  We tend to look down on them as if they must not be capable of anything better if they are willing to do it for nothing.  I guess we are cursed by that old maxim…if it costs nothing then that is what it is worth. What a loss…for all involved.

There are actually many people who are motivated by more than what is in it for them!  The effort they make is far more than routine…their commitment to achieving the goal is extraordinary…their motivation is simple.