I want to rerun a post I ran a couple of years ago.  It is about negotiating the terms of your employment…your contract…or any other contract for that  matter.  Recently I have been hearing a lot of complaints about contracts and agreements in which the wording is very one-sided.  Must be a side-effect of the difficult economy and people taking advantage of some desperate times.

I was recently looking at a contract in which it said something to the effect that if any lawsuit arose out of the relationship between me and this service provider, that I would be responsible for all legal fees…mine AND theirs.  The same had been true in an employment agreement offered to me some years ago.

In both cases I crossed out that wording and signed the document.  There was no challenge to my doing so in either case.  In addition, there were other areas in which the contract language was very one-sided.  I also crossed out that language and substituted my own language which was more reasonable…covered their concerns but did not leave me powerless and subject to their whims.

The point is, when someone gives you a contract to sign, recognize that this step in a business deal is like any other…it is just one step and in most cases there is room for negotiation.  The contract they give you at the start is their opening position.  They absolutely have room to negotiate on it, even though they will try to convince you that they do not.

Have a read of this article by Howard Matalon… http://www.scottneilson.com/?p=552